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Head of Social Media & Video Production

Lori Hand

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lori and firstly - I'm high on life. With a life history and involvement in the arts, I have transitioned from the stage to behind the lens and instead pour my creative energy into bringing faces, spaces, places, concepts, products and visions to life. This is a creative agency, fuelled by unlimited imagination, unprecedented energy and a vision for the unthinkable. Motivated by a love of photography, videography, graphics and making content that feels like an 'experience.'

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Creative Director

Steve Pollock

Our creative director, Steve Pollock has been involved in the advertising industry for over 15 years.
Working with both small and large agencies, Steve has experience developing projects for everything from boutique family run businesses to large corporations including Hungry Jack’s and Industry Super.
During this time he has worked as both an art director and creative director on all forms of advertising.
It’s this experience that allows us to offer you the impact of BIG ideas without BIG city ad budgets and headaches.


Creating Content & Building Builds

Photography - Videography - People - Places - Faces - Spaces

Social Media is Modern Media.
Brand building on social media is a space where brands have become humanised.

Social Media Consultancy

- Social Media Strategy
- Creative Direction
- Creative Ideas & Concepting
- Campaign Development
- Content Strategy
- Creator/Influencer Strategy

Creative Content

- Creative Production Studio
- Videography
- Photography
- Copywriting
- Art Direction


- Social Platform Management
- Creator Management
- Strategy Planning
- Measurement & Effectiveness

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