Positive Design has a proven track record with google AdWords. Our team will work with you creating an AdWords strategy unique to your business objectives. From custom landing pages to bid modifiers right down to micro conversion tracking, our process will dig into customer behaviour ensuring targeted traffic reaches your site day after day. While it’s not simple, we’ll make it seem like it is for you and your business.

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Budget Friendly Advertising

Unlike other AdWords consultants we won’t take a percentage of your agreed spend. Instead we work on an agreed upon monthly fee. Feel confident knowing an increase in ad spend during a particular month won’t trigger an increase in management costs.

Regular Monitoring

Our analysts will track every ad in your account, ensuring your investment is being used to it’s full potential. We are constantly split testing ad copy, reviewing keywords and monitoring conversions so you see a better ROI.

Trust our Dedicated Team

Our experienced team will customise your campaign to your business objectives and to match existing marketing efforts within your organisation.

What is Google Adwords?

AdWords is an advertising service enabling businesses to reach their target audience through googles search engine. Through bidding on commonly searched keywords your business will be shown directly to the people requiring your service and you only pay when they click on your ad. At Positive Design we work to keep the clicks relevant and the cost per click (CPC) manageable.

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AdWords is 70% more likely to convert than radio advertising


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