What Is Search Engine Optimisation

How Can It Benefit Your Business

Back in the day if you wanted to get noticed it meant renting a billboard, taking out an ad in the newspaper or the dreaded yellow pages. But now with large search engines being the go to for all types of information, to make themselves heard businesses seek ways for their brand to fight and claw their way to the top of search engine result pages using SEO. (Search engine optimisation).

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We are constantly modifying phrases and keywords for your site and search engines based on the phrases that convert and those that don’t. We don’t guess what works.

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We look at your website from both a search engines, and a users point of view. This ensures your website is both found and converts traffic into leads or customers.

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We are constantly modifying phrases and keywords for your site and search engines based on the phrases that convert and those that don’t. We don’t guess what works.

But What Is SEO?

Giant search engines like google use complex algorithms to push relevant results to the top of the page, so that when a user types in for example ‘construction crane’ they find information about the industrial machine. Not pictures of an awkward looking bird in a hard hat.

How the algorithms work are closely guarded trade secrets, but with enough public knowledge and the ability to experiment and run tests SEO professional like our team here at Positive Design are able to work with your website to improve it’s trust with search engines and match the relevance of urls with desired search terms.


For starters, it’s a good idea to optimise your website’s metadata. Metadata is the content associated with a url that is not actually seen on the url. Descriptive page titles and detailed page descriptions are examples of metadata that if left unchecked can have a negative influence on your SEO. If your page is about dog washing, but your title doesn’t mention anything about dogs or washing there is a very slim chance anyone is going to click through for the correct reason.


The content you place on your page is very important both for visitors and for search engines. The idea is to make it as relevant as possible without over optimising it and sounding spammy. For example if I was to write this SEO article, targeting the keyword SEO and kept mentioning SEO over and over again in this article about SEO, my SEO optimisation might… you get the idea.

Naturally written content that answers any question customers might have regarding your business, products or services is long term also the best content for search engines. However google does give you guidelines for things like title tags and content structure that can improve the optimisation of your page. A detailed explanation of title tags can be found here.


Probably the most important metric in search engine algorithms is links and link building. A link is when one url references another url and allows the browser to open the new document through the use of a hypertext. You can think of links as a kind of trust network. If my webpage links to yours it is a vote of confidence from me to you. An important aspect of SEO is creating web urls worth linking to and letting other webmasters know these pages are available to be linked to.

SEO has changed dramatically over the years and our experts have been right there on the edge providing optimisations for our clients, explaining new concepts and ideas to business owners and helping small businesses use this channel to grow their companies exponentially.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level please check out our SEO plans and packages or contact us for a free consult.

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